Luzeia's Voice

Luzeia Mathis (my niece) went missing in August 2019, at her apartment located on 35th Ave and Indian School.  On November 27, 2019, we were notified that Jamal Jones the main person of interest involved with her disappearance has been arrested and is responsible for her death.  I can't put into words the amount of pain this has caused our family and unfortunately we still have not recovered her body to lay her to rest.  She was only 18 yrs old when her life was tragically cut short.   This man mentally and physically abused my niece, as well stalked and terrorized her.  As we still search for answers in my nieces case, I wanted to continue to help other kids and women that suffer from abuse and shed more light on missing children/persons.  My niece didn’t deserve what happened to her and as the details are coming in on her death, the brutality of it just unexplainable.  No one deserves that treatment.  I had to find my strength to fight for her because I wanted to tell her story beyond the headlines.   Originally I created Luzeia’s Voice so I could tell her story as we search for her as a missing person.  There is an untold story that can open our eyes to the true evil that lurks amongst us.  Also a lesson to young women, parents, families, friends on communication, being proactive and show support in each others interest/lives.  Most importantly LISTEN.  Luzeia's Voice Foundation is in memory of my beautiful niece and will serve as a platform for kids and women suffering from abuse.  Our goal is to educate and spread awareness, provide services, support, empowerment and more.


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Special Event

On February 22, 2020, in honor of Luzeia's Birthday, we will have a unique celebration.  I pray that she is home by then but we will let her know that she is not forgotten and we miss her.  Their will be plenty of fun and awareness activities for kids and adults leading up to our main event.  More details coming soon..

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